ARRI alexa 65MM电影机面世……





There had been rumours but today we got the confirmation. ARRI have built a super large sensor 6.5K version of the Alexa. The sensor is slightly larger than a 65mm 5-perf film frame and is comprised of three Alexa sensors that are arranged vertically and seamlessly stitched together.


The camera uses rehoused Hasselblad medium format lenses that cover the sensor and are of the highest quality. The lens mount is a larger PL type.


The giant Alexa 65 sensor


The camera records in the ArriRAW codec to Codex XR drive cartridges as used by the current Alexa XT.

The body is similar in length and ergonomics to the original Alexa but has a wider body to accommodate the larger sensor.


If you are itching to pull out your credit card and buy one – you can’t. For now at least this camera is only available as a rental from ARRI.

For the full scoop and lots of technical info its is well worth heading over to Jon Fauer’s Film & Digital Times.

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